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If you want to achieve your full potential by learning new skills, or are looking for cost effective training for your business, then our eCourses can provide an ideal solution.

The benefits of taking one of our Courses are:

  • You can start straight away. If you need new skills in a hurry, our online eCourses are just a few clicks away and our CD/DVD-ROM eCourses can be with you in a matter of days. There’s no paperwork and no fuss. Plus, all the support you need to complete the course is built in.
  • Flexibility is built in. Learn at a time and pace to suit you. Even if you’re buying an eCourse for a business and want to fit learning in around work patterns, you can.
  • Learn at a level that suits you. You can choose a course that’s at the right level for you – meaning you won’t have to cover topics you already know.
  • You get value for money. The price of an eCourse starts from as little as £19.99 – making them very cost effective. If you’re buying an eCourse for a business, then you also have the benefit of training taking place on site. This means your employees avoid wasting time and money travelling to a course.
  • Team managers or course buyers can track their employees’ progress. Our online eCourses have an inbuilt tracking system, ensuring that employees remain on track with their learning through to completion of their course.